Tennessee Tractor-Trailer Crash Lawyer

Tennessee Tractor-Trailer Crash Lawyer

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Many tractor-trailer accidents are caused by trucker negligence. Commercial truckers are often paid by the mile, and thus have a financial incentive to drive long hours. Despite federal trucking laws that mandate adequate rest breaks, truck driver fatigue still plays a role in many truck accidents. Other examples of truck driver error include:

  • Speeding
  • Improper loading and weight violations (which can cause rollovers)
  • Talking on a cell phone or texting
  • Inattentive driving
  • Improper lane changes
  • Failure to keep a safe distance at night
  • Failure to keep a safe distance in adverse weather
  • Improper truck maintenance
If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident, contact Fendley Law in Clarksville, Tennessee. We have been helping accident victims for more than 30 years. We seek full and fair compensation on behalf of injured persons for past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other forms of available compensation.

Truckers Are Held to a High Standard

Semi truck drivers must have a commercial driver's license. Truckers must adhere to strict local, state and federal trucking laws and regulations. If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can review the facts of your case and help you determine your best course of action.

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You can rely on Fendley Law for the experienced and vigorous representation you require. One thing that sets our firm apart is our thorough trial preparation. We handle each case as if it will go to trial. By doing so we send a strong message to the insurance companies that we mean business.

We believe strongly that our meticulous trial preparation and willingness to take cases to trial result in favorable settlements for our clients. When the insurance company is unwilling to make a fair settlement offer, our thorough preparation increases our odds of obtaining a favorable result at trial.

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