Helping People Navigate The Adoption Process

Helping People Navigate The Adoption Process

Adoptions are one of the most positive types of family law matters. Helping a loving family grow is always a pleasure. We are proud to use our decades of experience to help people as they navigate the complex processes that stand between them and the child they want to make part of their family.

Stepparent Adoptions

More and more families today consist of a married couple with children where only one of the parents is biologically the children's parent. Over time, the bonds that such families have can grow to the point where it is natural to seek legal acknowledgement for the role a stepparent now plays in the child's life. Helping stepfathers and stepmothers secure their rights as parents under the law can provide real comfort to families who may otherwise be left in a legal limbo if a difficult situation should arise. We can help you secure a legal status for your family that reflects the reality of your relationships.

Adoption For Same-Sex Couples

We offer same-sex couples the effective guidance and counsel they need to be able to add a child to the love they share. Our focus is on helping all couples build the strong families they deserve.

Placement Agency Adoption

For those adopting through a placement agency, we know that the process can be long and complicated. We can help ensure that no mistakes will jeopardize the addition to your family. Our experience with placement agency adoptions can help you understand all of the steps and what needs to be done to successfully complete your adoption.

Decades Of Experience Fighting For Our Clients

At Fendley Law, we are skilled at helping people through the adoption process. Whether you are adopting a stepchild, through a placement agency or in some other situation, our firm can help you avoid any mistakes that could delay or derail your ability to adopt. With more than 45 years of combined experience, we can help you and your family through the adoption process.

A Family-Run Law Firm

Founding attorney Mart Fendley practices with his children, attorney Jacob Fendley and attorney Elizabeth (Liz) Fendley, as well as attorney Joshua Etson. Our family is committed to helping yours.

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