Protecting Your Driver's License After DUI

Protecting Your Driver's License After DUI

For those who have been convicted of DUI or who are facing DUI charges, protecting their driver's licenses is a top priority. Few of us can readily accept the loss of driving privileges. Our lives have too many responsibilities and too many people depend on us to be able to live without the ability to drive for months. Jobs, children and errands all need us to be mobile and functional.

If you cannot drive, you may not be able to get to work and you may lose your job. No one should have to face that level of risk and uncertainty without representation that they can trust to help them protect their driver's licenses.

As part of the consequences of a DUI conviction restrictions are often placed on driver's licenses. A driver's license may be suspended out right. Often, however, we are able to help people secure limited driving privileges. These restricted driver's licenses generally fall into one of two categories:

  • Geographically limited - This type of restricted driver's license allows you to drive to specific locations such as work or a court-ordered alcohol DUI program.
  • Nongeographically limited - While this type of restricted driver's license does not limit travel to specific locations, it does require the installation of an ignition interlock device.

Decades Of Experience Fighting For Our Clients

At Fendley Law, we know the devastating impact a driver's license suspension can have on people even over a relatively short period of time. The negative consequences can easily snowball. A person may miss a day or two of work where he or she was unable to arrange travel. An unsympathetic employer can terminate employment. Financial difficulties can mount and people can find their whole world turned upside down by the consequences of a DUI conviction. The law is built with safety valves to help people pay their dues without having to face such difficult consequences. Our firm can help you pursue the restricted driver's license you need to help ensure that DUI conviction does not end up creating insurmountable circumstances.

Our attorneys have decades of combined criminal defense experience that we use to build the strongest defenses for our clients. Attorney Mart Fendley is AV* Preeminent rated by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest available rating. He has also been a board-certified civil trial lawyer since 1994.

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